PHP Application Performance Optimization

PHP Performance

Monitoring PHP applications, such as Wordpress and Drupal, has never been easier. Find the root issue of your PHP app performance bottlenecks with the AppDynamics platform – while still running in a live production environment.

Key Benefits

Monitor your PHP web server dependencies
You can automatically detect your application architecture, from your application servers down to the database calls and remote web service. Your architecture is then shown in the Application Flowmap, allowing you to see exactly where the performance bottlenecks are located in a matter of seconds.

Prioritize and understand based on business transaction context
AppDynamics baselines your application traffic into what is called Business Transactions. This shows you how your end users are being negatively affected when the performance of your application declines.

Trend PHP performance over time
AppDynamics has a powerful analytics engine that can understands the performance of your application trends over time and also is able to create intuitive dashboards for other teams to look after.

Collect a complete call stack trace
AppDynamics allows you to drill down into the entire call stack for slow transactions and stalls, unlike other PHP monitoring tools, allowing you to see how long it took for every line of code took to execute.

Intelligent alerting
With AppDynamics' intelligent baselines you can set up alerts to fire only on erractic performance behavior for a particular Business Transaction, application metric or even infrastructure.

Rapidly troubleshoot latency at the code level
Understand how the application performance was affected before and after a code release.

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Performance issues have gone from an all-hands-on-deck show stopper to one person only spending 10 minutes to get an answer by using AppDynamics. That is a huge productivity booster.


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