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Identify trouble spots in your JVM app

Unknown memory consumption can bring about many difficulties in production JVM applications, particularly when the settings used causes performance issues. Successfully troubleshoot and detect memory-related issues, even in a high production environment, with AppDynamics.

As the JVM or the Java Virtual Machines an integral part of your Java application, a strategy for JVM management in production is essential. You need to be well prepared in case JVM performance flags. You need JVM monitoring tools to ensure that performance of your app is not affected.


Benefits of AppDynamics over free Java profilers:

Effectively monitor the availability and performance of your JVM

Alert all JVM health and performance issues

Diagnose and fix SQL and NoSQL latency

Get to the root cause of application performance issues, quickly and easily

Monitor MBean metrics in real-time

Monitor your JVM Application Topology

With AppDynamics, you can auto-discover and map the application tiers which your JVM interacts with, providing you information of where response time is utilized in your application. You can thus see a comprehensive shot of what your application looks like in application tiers.

Monitor Business Transactions

AppDynamics allows you to auto-discover business transactions from various entry level points into your JVM such as servlets, POJO entry points, etc.

Find Bottlenecks in your Application Code

By identifying a slow application request you can learn about the individual executions known as snapshots. AppDynamics enables the viewing of complete code execution call stack of business transactions with exact associated latency - all with a single click. You thus get complete visibility of where time was utlized in the JVM.

Proactive Alerting

AppDynamics, enables you set alerts on Business Transaction, application, and JVM metrics, in a way that you find and fix problems before end users are impacted. uses AppDynamics to keep the site's critical applications responsive.

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