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Identify Trouble Spots in Your .NET App

Monitor your .NET applications in production with the AppDynamics product, which provides the ability to find and fix the root cause of performance bottlenecks in seconds through visibility.

Visualize all your CLR dependencies

Automatically discover and map all tiers that interact with and service your CLRs, providing a complete high-level view of the performance in your application.

Business Transaction Monitoring

Business Transactions are similar types of end user requests. You can categorize all of your traffic into Business Transactions to see how long it takes for certain actions to be performed. Business Transaction monitoring and alerting will help you detect, manage, and fix application bottlenecks before they have any type of impact on your users.

Proactive Alerting

Setting up alerts based upon infrastructure, application or Business Transaction metrics has never been easier. If you set your alerts on Business Transaction performance, you can rid yourself of unnecessary alert storms.

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