Real Time Weblogic Monitoring

Oracle Weblogic Monitoring

For a successful application performance management strategy, real time Weblogic monitoring of availability and performance is highly important. Oracle Weblogic, one of the leading JavaEE application servers, is greatly favored by customers for application deployment.

Monitor Business Transactions

AppDynamics identifies business transactions automatically from typical entry points in Weblogic and its JVM like spring MVC, struts actions, web services calls, servlets and even custom POJO entry points. This allows users to detect how business transactions perform through different Java components such as JDBC, SOAP, EJB, CICS, JMS, and remote calls over JVM and CLR calls for distributed transactions.

Out Of Memory Exception and Memory Leaks

AppDynamics tracks Weblogic Server memory that provides the user superior level visibility into heap usage, usage of key memory pools, and garbage collection over-time.

Detect Thrown Exceptions

AppDynamics captures and briefs all application run-time exceptions thrown inside Weblogic Server.

Monitor SQL and NoSQL Queries

Weblogic Monitoring can spot both NoSQL query latency and SQL statement with complete visibility into NOSQL queries such as Cassandra Thrift and MongoDB BSON and SQL text.

“You can't afford not having the visibility that AppDynamics provides. If we didn’t have AppDynamics, it would be really like driving a car at 100 miles per hour with your eyes closed.”

Hector Aguilar, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Engineering, Okta

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