Real User Management

User Experience

Today's modern web applications are made to be interactive and often executing complex client side logic, to provide an engaging user experience. This added complexity means you cannot simply measure effects the users have on just the back-end only. You also need to optimize and measure the performance of the client-side to ensure the best possible user experience.

Troubleshooting Real End User Experience

The first place we look to find the reason why a user is experiencing an extremely slow response time is the user response breakdown, providing a full breakdown of:

time is being spent during page rendering

issues such as poor page design or network latency

too much time parsing HTML

downloading and executing JavaScript

End User Experience Dashboard

Reports Real User Management data by geo location showing which regions have the longest response times, the most errors, the highest loads, etc.

"We were previously using New Relic to monitor our applications, but it just wasn't giving us everything we needed...We really needed an APM that would offer better visibility and provide richer functionality."

Interactive Investor

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