Service Saas

SaaS based Application Performance Management

With more and more applications getting deployed to the Cloud, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has received great success and adoption in the application performance management (APM) arena.

The Top 5 Advantages of SaaS-based APM

1. Time to Value

Experience APM benefits within seconds without any interaction from technical consultants or sales people by opting for the free trial.

2. Cost – Licenses, Maintenance, Administration, Hardware

Subscription-based licenses are more flexible, cheaper and less risky when compared to owning perpetual licenses.
No hardware needed to run your APM management server as you need to simply deploy your agents and relax.
Subscription includes annual maintenance and the cost of managing and maintaining the APM infrastructure for monitoring your applications.

3. Ease of Use

SaaS-based APM is adopted by development, operations and business users.

4. Migrating to the Latest Releases

In the case of SaaS-based APM, the vendors are responsible for the migration. Customers need to only login and they automatically get access to the latest version and features. Usually, customers upgrade their APM software once a year. However, with SaaS-based APM, the users receive multiple upgrades and they are always on the latest version.

5. Scalability

Scaling APM has never been more easy. As you deploy more agents, you need more management servers to gather, process, and manage the data.

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