SQL Performance Management

Trend SQL Performance Over Time

With AppDynamics you can monitors test or production SQL instances 24x7 and also store past data pertaining to resource consumption and wait events. This data can be correlated, aggregated and classified in the intuitive web based user interface. You have the visibility into the performance of every user, stored procedure, program session, and SQL statement. With AppDynamics, you can identify performance-related issues in your application, quickly and easily.

Key Benefits:

Diagnose & troubleshoot all performance-related issues

Tune ill-performing SQL

Prioritize tuning based on business impact

Why AppDynamics?

Quick and easy to install and use

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Can be easily integrated with AppDynamics' APM product

Easy to use

AppDynamics for Databases can be installed quickly and does not require any configuration. While most SQL monitoring tools are used by a DBA, AppDynamics can be used to troubleshoot slow SQL queries with an intuitive, web-based UI allowing application teams to get a view of o database performance as it affects their applications.


AppDynamics for Databases is suitable for monitoring high-volume production applications a overhead that's less than 1%.

Granular data

Offering application teams and DBAs granular monitoring data, AppDynamics for Databases maintains a record of database performance to resolve all past issues, thereby ensuring that no important events escape your attention.

All-in-one view

Regardless of how complex your application environment may be, AppDynamics allows you to seamlessly monitor everything in a single UI. Monitor your application layer with AppDynamics and view everything your end users do.

About AppDynamics for Databases

Get access to SQL performance management data into your production environment. Respond to new issues and solve problems much before they impact your end users. AppDynamics for Databases allows you to quickly identify performance issues between the database tiers and applications.

Supported Database Frameworks






SQL Server


Sybase ASE

Sybase IQ

"Without AppDynamics we’d be running blind. We went from not understanding the big picture to being able to isolate an issue down to the specific line of code."


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