Tomcat Monitoring Software

Find and Fix Bottlenecks with Tomcat Monitoring Software

AppDynamics provides free monitoring software that helps you troubleshoot java performance in your Tomcat application and provides greater visibility into production environments.

Are you:

  • In charge of Tomcat monitoring in production and need to ensure smooth java performance?
  • An architect or developer who needs to do load testing in development?
  • Looking to troubleshoot problems instantly?
  • Not ready to purchase a full monitoring tool?

If so, AppDynamics is built for you. Apache Tomcat is one of the important JavaEE application servers widely selected by customers for application deployment.

AppDynamics automatically tracks application code on Tomcat and gives great visibility on application performance via the JVM in production. This allows users to understand about the location of latency spent and how an application and business transactions consume system resource like CPU and memory.

Tomcat Server Benefits:

  • Find and resolve Memory Leaks in Tomcat Server
  • Check the performance and accessibility of your Tomcat Server
  • Warns about Tomcat Server performance and health issues
  • Identify the main cause of application performance within seconds during Tomcat Profiling
  • Compare and trend important metrics of Tomcat Server over time during Apache Monitoring

More Information

Apache Tomcat or Jakarta Tomcat is designed by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). An open source servlet container, it gives Java code a "pure Java" HTTP web server setting to operate.

Tomcat is often confused with the Apache web server but it is a C implementation of an HTTP web server. Even though these two web servers are often used in sync as part of a server application stack, they do not come bundled together. Apache Tomcat consists of configuration and management tools, but can be configured also by editing XML configuration files.

For more information about Tomcat monitoring and management, take a FREE test drive of Tomcat Monitoring Performance Solutions.