Weblogic Load Testing

Oracle Weblogic Monitoring

Oracle WebLogic JavaEE application servers are widely opted by customers for application deployment. However, for effective application performance management, it is important to track performance and availability.

AppDynamics detects application code running on WebLogic and tracks its performance, which helps users to find answers to queries such as where latency is expended and how an application and business transactions use up system resource like CPU and memory. Thus, it is an important tool that helps developers to understand their application in and out during load testing. Below are some important features and benefits.

Monitor Business Transactions

AppDynamics discovers business transactions from typical entry points in WebLogic and see the performance of business transactions through various Java components.

Real-Time Alerting for WebLogic

AppDynamics provides application and production support teams early warnings about performance issues before the end users are affected by it.

Out Of Memory Exception and Memory Leaks

AppDynamics tracks memory leaks automatically inside WebLogic Server and finds the reasons for memory leaks in quick seconds.

Detect Thrown Exceptions

AppDynamics provides insight into stack traces that are tossed at the time when user requests or business transactions timeout or fail.

More about AppDynamics WebLogic Performance Monitoring

AppDynamics provides a far superior level view into application performance in comparison to other Java performance tools. It monitors JVM health and performance, troubleshoots Java Code Latency in Minutes and gets full view of Java code execution. This allows you to identify latency and find the main cause in a few seconds.