WebLogic Monitoring

Oracle WebLogic

Customers today widely recommend and use Oracle WebLogic JavaEE application servers for deploying their applications. This is because monitoring of performance and availability is essential for effective application performance management.

AppDynamics helps with WebLogic monitoring by discovering and tracking automatically the application code running on WebLogic and giving greater visibility of its performance through the JVM in production. This gives users a clear idea about where latency is used up and how business transactions and an application use system resources like CPU and memory.

Out of Memory Exception and Memory Leaks

AppDynamics has the capability to auto-track leaks with minimum user analysis inside WebLogic Server and its JVM. This helps in finding out the cause within minutes.

Real-Time Alerting for WebLogic

AppDynamics warns about performance issues beforehand so that the support teams can take appropriate actions before it affects end-users.

Detect Thrown Exceptions

AppDynamics collects and reports on run time exceptions of all applications, thrown inside WebLogic Server. This provides insight of stack traces just after business transactions and user requests either timeout or fail.

WebLogic Server Benefits:

Fix and find the cause of application performance in minutes
Pro-actively notify about WebLogic Server health and performance issues
Trace the availability and performance of your WebLogic Server
Discover and Resolve Memory Leaks in WebLogic Server
Compare and Trend significant WebLogic Server metrics over time

More About AppDynamics WebLogic Performance Monitoring

Unlike other Java performance tools, AppDynamics gives you higher visibility into your application performance by enabling you to foresee JVM dependencies, automatic discovering and map all tiers that relate and service with your Java application and JVM.

AppDynamics collects key metrics namely throughput, response time, exception rate, and garbage collection time to monitor the health and performance of JVM and important system resources like disk I/O, CPU, and memory. It helps you to fix Java Code Latency in minutes, provide a superior view into Java code execution as JVM processes business transactions and user requests. This helps identify latency and its root cause in minutes.

“Care.com uses AppDynamics to keep the site's critical applications responsive.”

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