What Is Application Health Check?

Health Rules

AppDynamics defines a set of Health Rules where each rule contains certain conditions that maps to main performance indicators to effectively measure the health status of applications. AppDynamics proactively monitors the performance of your application and provides alerts regarding performance concerns prior to the occurrence of an actual outage.

Our Health Check service keeps your application environment tuned and running flawlessly. Get an objective view of your monitoring environment to help close visibility gaps, course-correct processes and make sure you're getting full value from your AppDynamics solution.

With all Health Policies, Rules, and Actions in place, AppDynamics alerts you when an application begins to experience performance issues. Proactive alerting depends on defining a group of Health Rules and triggering Policies that sets off an alert whenever your application enters a state of concern.

AppDynamics helps you understand the performance of your production applications. Get AppDynamics today.

AppDynamics was rolled out globally across 23 data centers — deploying a total of 15,000 agents in just one week — all to a single AppDynamics report server.


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