What Is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics and Smart Data

Analytics actually makes IT life easier. It points out the bleeding obvious from all the monitoring data available and guides IT so they can effectively manage the availability and performance of their application. Think of analytics as doing the hard work or making sense of the data being collected, so IT doesn't have to spend hours figuring out for themselves what is being impacted and why.

The Application Intelligence platform from AppDynamics provides learning and application analytics and rich performance data. It easily fits into any infrastructure or software environment virtually.

Performing correlation and analytics on data sets help create Smart Data. AppDynamics compares end-user business transaction details with response times, completion status (success, error, exception), and entire data points measured at any time. It evaluates the entire data set automatically and offers information from which conclusions are drawn and appropriate actions are taken. This information is called Smart Data.

Smart monitoring data collection helps you identify and solve issues swiftly that too with much lower overhead and cost of ownership. But it is not all that Smart data is capable of. AppDynamics allows customers to use Real-time Business Metrics for extracting business metrics directly from their applications. These business metrics enable customers to convert smart data into actionable, intelligent information.

AppDynamics delivers actionable intelligence to sell problems for business owners and IT operations/development teams.

“You can't afford not having the visibility that AppDynamics provides. If we didn’t have AppDynamics, it would be really like driving a car at 100 miles per hour with your eyes closed.”

Hector Aguilar, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Engineering, Okta

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