What Is Mobile Performance Management?

Mobile APM

Mobile application performance is defined by the user's perception of how well the application performs. This means that the performance of your application is measured by how responsive it is, how quickly it starts up, how well it uses device memory, how well it uses device power.

Managing the performance of mobile applications is different from managing the performance of traditional desktop or web-based applications. Mobile devices introduce a new set of constraints, such as lesser powered CPUs and lower memory, that require us to think about application development more like we did a decade ago when resources were more scarce than on the servers we work on today. Furthermore, mobile application performance is determined by user perception more so than by quantitative measurement.

AppDynamics Mobile Performance Management is the industry's most powerful mobile application performance monitoring, with enhanced mobile end-user experience management, mobile behavioral analytics, deep visibility into every business transaction originating from any mobile device and traveling across the most complex, multi-tier backend services and application orchestrations, and mobile crash analytics data.

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