What Is Mobile Performance Testing?

Mobile Application Performance

Testing the performance and stability of your mobile applications is critical to protecting your revenue and your reputation. The AppDynamics Mobile Real-User Monitoring product module provides real-time insights into your mobile application performance around the world.

Real-User Monitoring

The AppDynamics platform provides mobile performance monitoring so you can protect your users experience. Get complete visibility into the end-user experience, in real time, of your iOS and Android users globally.

Device and user analytics

Gain new audience insights with analytics on device types, carriers, and OS and application versions.

Crash reporting

Crash and error reporting is a requirement for the development of your application, and also for testing and production.

Network request snapshots with server-side correlation

Get end-to-end visibility into all network requests, providing snapshots with server-side correlation for troubleshooting complex application problems from the mobile device all the way to multiple tiers on the back end.

"We were previously using New Relic to monitor our applications, but it just wasn't giving us everything we needed...We really needed an APM that would offer better visibility and provide richer functionality."

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