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Web Application Performance Management

Web application performance management is a critical part of any organization's web app performance strategy. The early application performance management tools modeled after Java and .NET profilers were capable of managing the simple yet massive applications of the 20th century. However, they failed to adapt themselves to the changing application technologies and architectures. Besides, deploying and configuring legacy web app management tools for the dynamic and distributed applications of today are too difficult and their overhead on the production environment too high.

Today's Ops and Dev require greater visibility into modern application architectures. Hence, they need web application performance management tools that are more intelligent, dynamic, and lightweight. AppDynamics' application performance management solution belongs to that category.


Key Benefits

Get complete visibility into the performance of the application

Monitor business transactions in real time

Provide proactive alerts to find problems before they hurt your end users

Fix problems faster than ever before

Automatic Application Mapping

Unlike most web application performance management tools that can be deployed through manual configuration and code changes, AppDynamics automatically implements your code and maps your application architecture.

Business Transaction Monitoring

AppDynamics comprehends application performance in terms of business transactions such as user requests. It understands application performance like your end users experience it and organizes issues depending upon its impact on business.

Code-Level Application Performance Diagnostics

AppDynamics allows you to get class and method level details about response time latency within a few seconds.While many application performance monitors show response time comparison across the application, AppDynamics get to the source of performance issues in no times.

Proactive Alerting on Application Performance Metrics

AppDynamics provide proactive alerts based on metrics both application and infrastructure-level and the performance of Business Transactions. As it does not rely on static universal thresholds for alerting like other application performance management tools, AppDynamics eliminates alert storms and missing problems.

Dashboards and Reports

AppDynamics' PDF reports and application performance dashboards help you to analyze performance outage & slowdown costs and reveal the value of your performance tuning projects.

"It’s a tool that offers seamless traceability and a view that bridge both the APM and the Business product usage effectively."

Heather Abbott, Senior Vice President of Corporate Solutions Technology, Nasdaq

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