Windows Monitoring Software

Windows Azure

AppDynamics provides Windows Monitoring Software that coordinates consistently with Windows Azure and other .NET applications. It provides end-to-end visibility into execution of .NET and Windows Azure services out of the box, which enables application owners to swiftly fine tune performance issues and enhance the performance of their Windows Azure applications.

Automatic application discovery

AppDynamics automatically detects all your application components in Windows Azure, including Windows Azure services like Azure Service Bus, Azure Message Queue and Azure Blob Service. The Application Flowmap shows all your application's dependencies and the response time between each tier.

Deep visibility into .NET execution

AppDynamics is the only application performance management solution that instruments every line of code out of the box. With AppDynamics you can rapidly drill down to the .NET function call responsible for latency, allowing you to troubleshoot bottlenecks and optimize your code faster than ever.

Migrate to the cloud – without any surprises

With AppDynamics you can baseline the performance of your .NET applications before and after you migrate to the cloud, allowing you to benchmark the performance of your applications and ensure that the transition to the cloud has had a positive effect on your end users.

Easy to install and use

You can sign up for AppDynamics Pro right in the Windows Azure store.