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Eclipse Jetty is a small, fast, embeddable Java web server and Java servlet container often used for machine to machine communications. A free and open source development project of the Eclipse Foundation, Jetty is used in products such as Apache ActiveMQ, Geronimo, Maven, and Spark. Extensible and highly customizable, Jetty can be implemented as a standalone or as a component inside other applications. This flexibility makes Jetty very memory friendly, perfect for cloud and IoT implementations. With market-leading capabilities in both scenarios, AppDynamics is the premier performance management solution for any Jetty use case.

Equally flexible and extensible, AppDynamics manages and correlates business and IT application performance from code to cloud. Standalone or embedded, AppDynamics discovers, baselines and monitors every Jetty instance in the context of your overall environment and business goals. AppDynamics installs quickly, has the most scalable architecture in the industry and, with cloud and IoT-specific performance management capabilities, your Jetty applications will be totally IoT-ready.

Scalable, Multi-Device Monitoring

  • Monitor Jetty embedded in any IoT device app from smart phones and tablets to connected homes and cars

  • Isolate code issues by device and usage to prioritize development needs

  • Deliver trusted releases faster with detailed root cause analysis

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Scalable, Multi-Device Monitoring
Modern Web Monitoring

Modern Web Monitoring

  • Monitor the integration, responsiveness, and scalability of Jetty web applications in real time

  • See web, IoT, and virtualized application issues before users are impacted

  • Drive business value by maintaining optimum web and IoT user experience

Cross-Domain Monitoring

  • Automatically discover and dynamically baseline standalone and embedded Jetty instances in the context of your wider application environment

  • Manage Jetty application performance in real time across complex environments regardless of implementation

  • Save time and reduce complexity with unified monitoring in complex Jetty architectures

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Business-Driven Management

Business-Driven Management

  • Monitor web and IoT application performance by individual business transaction in real time

  • Quickly pinpoint root causes from code and infrastructure to device and map them to business KPIs

  • See what’s happening through the eyes of the user to prioritize business-critical performance issues

See Business iQ

Memory and JVM Visibility

  • Get immediate, detailed views of heap and garbage collection, object instance, real-time memory use, and all properties in JVM environments

  • Identify memory leaks and garbage collection issues to speed web performance and eliminate CPU overload

  • Know specifically where to focus to maintain stable, high-performing Jetty web and IoT applications

Memory and JVM Visibility

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