Expedia: Lessons Learned from the Trenches

Managing AppDynamics at Scale for Peak Performance

Join Vishal Singla and Bhadri Govindarajan in learning how AppDynamics is integrated with Expedia to manage over 100 applications spread across 3 environments.

In this session you will learn how the Expedia team uses AppDynamics at scale:

  • Dynamically create, modify, and delete (and even deploy) health rules by using the AppD Health Rule Creation REST API to reduce management overhead

  • Import AppDynamics transaction snapshot to Expedia simulation tools to get contextual visibility and troubleshooting data so that AppDev can quickly solve issues 

  • Best practices from the Expedia team to manage AppDynamics efficiently and effectively

Thanks to AppDynamics, we're finally able to be proactive about application performance. And it's paying off.

— Andrew Mulholland, Operations Architect - Expedia