AppDynamics Adds Free End-User Monitoring to the Only Application Performance Management Solution Designed for Modern Web Applications

Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – March 6, 2012 – AppDynamics, the leading Java/.NET application performance management (APM) solution, today announced the addition of End-User Monitoring to its commercial edition, AppDynamics Pro, giving customers the world’s first end-to-end APM solution designed for today’s complex, distributed application architectures. Current and new customers will gain free access to End-User Monitoring as part of their AppDynamics Pro license.

AppDynamics customers will be able to leverage the new End-User Monitoring feature to:

  • Monitor Their Global Audience and track End User Experience across the World to pinpoint which geo-locations may be impacted by poor Application Performance
  • Capture end-to-end performance metrics for all business transactions – including page rendering time in the Browser, Network time, and processing time in the Application Infrastructure
  • Identify bottlenecks anywhere in the end-to-end business transaction flow to help Operations and Development teams triage problems and troubleshoot quickly
  • Compare performance across all browsers types – such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari, iOS and Android

“Fox News already depends upon AppDynamics for ease-of-use and rapid troubleshooting capability in our production environment,” said Ryan Jairam, Internet Operations Lead at Fox News. “What we’ve seen with AppDynamics’ End-User Monitoring release is an even greater ability to understand application performance, from what’s happening on the browser level to the network all the way down to the code in the application. Getting this level of insight and visibility for an application as complex and agile as ours has been a tremendous benefit, and we’re extremely happy with this powerful new addition to the AppDynamics Pro solution.”

"We've typically seen our Mean-Time-to-Resolution drop from hours to minutes as a result of using AppDynamics, but having this new visibility into the End-User Experience makes AppDynamics an even more indispensable solution for our Operations team," said Richard Blumlein, Systems Administrator at Colorado State University. "Using AppDynamics' End-User Monitoring, we've been able capture end-to-end performance metrics for all business transactions, including page rendering time in the Browser. As a result, we've been able to make application changes that have made our end users much happier and reduced the number of complaints sent to the Help Desk.”

"Awareness of real user experience is a critical dimension of APM which is key to understanding the quality of application delivery," said Jonah Kowall, Research Director at Gartner. "With today's rich internet applications being built with a wide range of web 2.0 technologies, the browser takes on more of the processing burden, APM solutions must now provide visibility into the timing and execution of the browser runtime."

AppDynamics stands at the forefront of a generational change in how web applications are managed: modern applications are no longer monolithic in nature but are highly distributed and dynamic, fueled by architectural trends like Cloud, SOA, Big Data and Agile Development. As a result, traditional application performance management solutions have become outdated. AppDynamics is well poised to exploit this generational shift, and is already experiencing 400% bookings growth in 2011. AppDynamics has attracted over 70,000 users of AppDynamics Lite, a free Java performance monitoring download that helps IT Operations to troubleshoot application performance problems while Tomcat monitoringJBoss monitoringWeblogic monitoring,Websphere monitoring, and Glassfish monitoring.

AppDynamics End-User Monitoring gives customers:

  • Complete End-to-End Visibility of the Browser, Network, and Server-Side latency of every End User Business Transaction.
  • Full Visibility into the performance of Web 2.0 or Rich Internet Applications (RIA) leveraging AJAX technologies
  • Full Visibility for applications running in Private, Public or Hybrid Clouds 
  • Enhanced Dynamic Baselines and Anomaly Detection that now incorporates end-user experience metrics into its best-in-class problem detection algorithms
  • Proactive Analytics and Real-Time Alerts for Ops to rapidly troubleshoot End User Pain

AppDynamics’ new End-User Monitoring feature is available immediately as part of AppDynamics Pro, which starts at $4,000 per agent for a 2 year subscription.

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