AppDynamics Announces Availability of Fall ‘14 Release — Powerful New Collaboration and Analytics Capabilities Strengthen Market Leading Application Intelligence Platform

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Application Analytics delivers innovative big data techniques to capture data with business context and optimize customer engagement; Powerful ‘Virtual War Room’ improves collaboration capabilities

SAN FRANCISCO – December 16, 2014 - AppDynamics, the application intelligence leader for software-defined businesses, today announced the general availability of the AppDynamics Fall ‘14 Release.

Serving the combined needs of IT and business teams across the enterprise, the latest release provides a comprehensive view across all aspects of digital performance in ultra large scale deployments. AppDynamics delivers Application Intelligence by building out advanced capabilities across the key areas of analytics, unified monitoring and DevOps.

The Fall ‘14 Release of the AppDynamics Application Intelligence platform introduces: powerful new DevOps collaboration capabilities in the ‘Virtual War Room’; AppDynamics Application Analytics, which capture operational and business events and metrics across entire application environments; support for additional integration platforms; a massively scalable data store; and integration of AppDynamics database monitoring into the main platform.

“I'm excited to see the analytics developments for the business,” said Ben Ortega, the team lead of the Technology Operations Center at DICE, a leading online staffing site for technology and engineering professionals. “For us it's becoming more and more important to be able to see our overall business metrics, such as the different number of apps, or the number of posts, or views. Being able to pull that into AppDynamics, report on it and be alert to it if something dramatically changes is a significant development for DICE.”

“Providing a single, cross-functional view of the digital experience across the entire enterprise continues to be our mission,” said Jyoti Bansal, founder and CEO of AppDynamics. “We see incredible opportunity to keep building out Application Intelligence – a powerful and integrated platform for software-enabled businesses to manage every detail of the online performance they deliver. Harnessing the power of Big Data and analytics is therefore critical, collecting meaningful data in its business context from the entire application stack, no matter the level of complexity or distribution. This in turn provides metrics to optimize user engagement, conversion and of course, revenue. We are excited to bring the enhancements of the Fall ‘14 Release to our customers.”

The Fall ‘14 Release delivers a new level of collaboration and visibility into complex application processes and environments:



Recognizing the need for DevOps to be more agile through continuous integration, AppDynamics has created the following features:

  • The AppDynamics Virtual War Room. IT operations, development teams and business users can now see and resolve problems together in a shared virtual space. It enables scheduled, auto-delivered reports, and adds a new iOS app that sends push notifications to team members when system alerts are triggered. This collaboration capability enables all application stakeholders across the enterprise to see the same dashboards, metrics, and reports and work together for faster resolution of issues and general agreement on application priorities. This addresses the major challenge IT organizations face in trying to solve urgent application issues by bringing everyone together to see the same data and reach conclusions, radically shortening time-to-resolution.

  • Shareable Reports. DevOps teams can pre-configure reports to be automatically generated and sent to key stakeholders versus manually configuring and mailing reports. Similar to the Virtual War Room, this feature ensures that all stakeholders are looking at the same data, so their collaboration can be more effective.

  • Expanded Platform Support. Extending its core monitoring capabilities for Java, .NET, PHP, and Node.js applications, AppDynamics now supports:

    • Integration platforms such as Web Methods and TIBCO

    • Automatic discovery of Cassandra back ends

    • Monitoring of SQL Azure DB cloud-based database services

    • Real-user monitoring of single-page browser applications

    • Monitoring of C/C++ applications (in beta)


Unified Monitoring

The Fall ‘14 Release delivers a new level of visibility into complex application processes and environments:

  • Cross-Application Flow. As large enterprises frequently rely on multiple large applications and service-oriented architectures, any given business process will often span more than one application. Sales-inventory-fulfillment-shipping is a prime example. This makes it difficult to see and monitor the process from start to finish. The new AppDynamics Cross-Application Flow feature enables app-to-app metrics and flow map visualizations, and snapshot drill-downs to different applications, allowing operations teams to see how applications are interacting with shared services. Access control and permissions allow fine-grained control over who is able to access application data, in order to respect the ownership integrity of each application.

  • Deep visibility into asynchronous transactions. The Fall ‘14 Release offers greater visibility than any other APM solution into transactions that do not linearly or continuously progress from point A to point B. These have traditionally defined tracking. AppDynamics can now automatically trace and monitor these requests, track overall latency and give users the ability to visualize latency, and configure demarcation points of long-running async transactions.

  • Highly accurate visibility into WebSocket requests. Many APM solutions are misled into thinking WebSocket requests are slow or stalled because they go so long without detectable activity. With the AppDynamics Fall ‘14 Release, enterprise customers can now view WebSocket connections, identify the business transaction and monitor true latency, allowing IT operations teams to identify truly abnormal behavior.

  • Integrated Database Monitoring. Introducing the seamless integration of database monitoring into the AppDynamics Application Intelligence platform now allows customers, through a single user interface, to troubleshoot applications and drill down into databases without leaving the user interface.


AppDynamics Application Analytics

By embracing innovative Big Data techniques, AppDynamics has made its data platform even more massively scalable, supporting an increasing range of data types including performance events, transactions, click streams and user sessions.

  • More Data, More Meaning. Customers can now capture, store, and analyze trillions of events and billions of time-series metrics. AppDynamics empowers IT departments to harvest meaningful data for its own management needs, and to provide business units with vital metrics they can use to optimize user engagement, conversion, and ultimately, revenue.

  • See. Act. Know. Application Analytics automatically propagates end-to-end business transaction context across analytics datasets in highly distributed environments, without any application code changes required. Leveraging Application Analytics, business and IT users can now quickly unlock actionable insights to answer more meaningful questions than ever before and in real time.

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