AppDynamics Joins Cloud Foundry Foundation to Define Standards For Platform-as-a-Service

Press Release

The alliance underscores application intelligence leader’s dedication to serve customers’ performance and scalability interests in the cloud era

SAN FRANCISCO- December 15, 2014 - AppDynamics, the application intelligence leader for software-defined businesses, today announced its partnership with independent nonprofit foundation, Cloud Foundry, the global standard for open PaaS. Along with Verizon, SAP, EMC, IBM, Pivotal, and others, AppDynamics looks to define the standards for Platform-as-a-Service, specifically in terms of performance and scalability.

By joining this innovative foundation, AppDynamics will work with charter members to create an open cloud ecosystem, enabling developers to build, test, deploy and scale applications easier and faster. Through AppDynamics’ participation in the Cloud Foundry Foundation, the application intelligence leader makes it easier to bring application performance management into any cloud environment, whether a company is running a public, private or hybrid cloud. This enables companies to not only make sure applications are portable, but always performing well.

Cloud Foundry is being used in a variety of commercial deployments and the project is poised to advance and accelerate application development in the cloud era. As a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project, participating members will create a pool of open source expertise and guidance on best practices for management, operations, advocacy and governance. This open PaaS will continue to innovate and become an industry-standard architecture, as enterprise businesses continue to adopt agile processes.

"The Cloud Foundry Foundation is composed of some of the biggest brands and brightest minds in technology," said Bhaskar Sunkara, chief technology officer and senior vice president of product management at AppDynamics. "We are honored to be part of such an elite community and look forward to defining the standards for Open Source Platform-as-a-Service, which is increasingly becoming more important for Enterprises. By joining the Cloud Foundry Foundation, AppDynamics is excited about the opportunity to better serve our customers' performance and scalability interests by contributing code and dedicating resources to the Cloud Foundry project."

The Cloud Foundry open Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) project has gained tremendous momentum with application developers and the backing of a rich ecosystem of industry leaders, including AppDynamics.

“The Cloud is too important to allow it to become proprietary and have customers locked in,” said Paul Maritz, CEO of Pivotal. “It needs a healthy open ecosystem of users, developers and providers linked via a common, open platform, much as Linux provided for the server market. Not only is open source a key to this, but equally so is orderly, open governance and participation. The Cloud Foundry Foundation will ensure that Cloud Foundry is and remains an ecosystem where many players can contribute to the platform and benefit from it – knowing that they will be doing so in the context of an open, well-governed and directed community. It is really gratifying to see how far the community has come and all the good things that are happening.”

For more information on the Cloud Foundry Foundation, please visit the Cloud Foundry site here.