AppDynamics Teams with SOASTA to Deliver Real-Time Performance Testing of Production Systems

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Integrated Solution Delivers Deep Analytics in Real-Time at Any Scale

MOUNTAIN VIEW and SAN FRANCISCO, CA – November 29, 2011 – SOASTA®, Inc., the leader in cloud-based performance testing, and AppDynamics, the next generation Application Performance Management (APM) company, today announced the integration of the AppDynamics real-time application monitoring solution with the SOASTA CloudTest Platform. Available immediately, the solution lets users quickly set up and run full-scale performance tests of production systems using SOASTA with Java and .NET performance analytics collected through AppDynamics. Traditional development testing relies on simulated workloads and controlled environment variables, which do not truly represent how the application will perform under production load. SOASTA and AppDynamics enable the testing of peak loads in production during off peak hours due to the minimal time required to construct a test and deploy production level monitoring. With SOASTA, operations, development, and testing teams get a single view of the application’s performance, while AppDynamics equips these teams to identify root cause at the code level in about three clicks. Both solutions work in tandem to enable real-time, agile performance testing in production.

“Web application performance can be critical to a business, and the integration of SOASTA CloudTest and AppDynamics’ best-of-breed APM solution gives organizations everything they need to conduct fast, comprehensive real-time tests with visibility into virtually every aspect of the application’s performance,” said Tom Lounibos, SOASTA CEO. “Advanced monitoring and testing tools have previously not been aligned or built for live production testing. SOASTA and AppDynamics are breaking all the old rules with a powerful combined solution built for speed.”

The SOASTA CloudTest Platform is the world’s largest platform for testing the performance of Web and mobile applications at scale. Available in a range of options, from the free CloudTest Lite to fully managed On-Demand services, CloudTest’s patented visual test creation, automated test server provisioning, and real-time resolution allow testing teams to execute performance tests with unparalleled speed and agility, whether testing internally or from the cloud. 

AppDynamics is a new kind of application performance management solution. It is specifically designed for modern application architectures in both the cloud and the data center, delivering solutions for highly distributed and agile environments. Over 50,000 people have downloaded AppDynamics Lite, the company’s free java troubleshooting solution. 

AppDynamics and SOASTA CloudTest can be deployed in minutes, enabling users to quickly run tests and collect metrics at the deepest level in both .NET and Java applications. Users can proactively run full-scale tests in production environments and gain instant and complete visibility into critical business transactions to compare results, establish baselines and continually monitor application performance. The integrated solution helps teams avoid production failures, find issues before they affect real users, leverage the same data for testing and monitoring, and proactively tune system performance.

”We see SOASTA disrupting the market for performance testing just as AppDynamics is disrupting the market for monitoring and managing distributed production applications,” said Jyoti Bansal, AppDynamics Founder & CEO. “We’re enthusiastic about our partnership with SOASTA and continuing to make life easier for IT operations and development teams who continually have to do more with less.”

AppDynamics and SOASTA are hosting a webinar titled, “Performance: Where Real-time Testing and Production Monitoring Converge,” on Wednesday, November 30 at 10:00am PST. Performance experts Dan Bartow of SOASTA and Steve Burton of AppDynamics will discuss the integrated solution and present a live demonstration of SOASTA CloudTest and AppDynamics. To register for the webinar, go to

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SOASTA is the leader in cloud testing. The company’s CloudTest products and services leverage the power of cloud computing to quickly and affordably test consumer-facing Web and mobile applications at scale, providing customers with the confidence that their business-critical Web applications will be reliable and scalable, even under extreme loads. SOASTA’s customers include many of today’s most successful brands, including American Girl, Chegg, Gilt Groupe, Hallmark, Intuit, Microsoft and Netflix. SOASTA is privately held and headquartered in Mountain View, California. For more information about SOASTA, please visit

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