Scicom Infrastructure Services Selects AppDynamics for Complete Peace of Mind Running Customers’ Most Critical Applications

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Reliability and Rapid Deployment Cited as Top Factors for Choosing AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform

SAN FRANCISCO – September 10, 2014 – AppDynamics, the application intelligence leader for software-defined businesses, today announced that Scicom Infrastructure Services has selected AppDynamics to support its customers’ tier one critical applications.

“We use AppDynamics for applications that deal with real-world problems like routing 911 calls and checking patients into hospitals — so it’s  imperative applications work 100 percent of the time,” said Sid Roy, vice president, operations and client support, Scicom Infrastructure Services. “AppDynamics provides us with exactly that peace of mind. We chose AppDynamics because of the product’s stability, robustness, low overhead and extremely quick time to value. It is a minimal-maintenance method to extract exactly the intelligence we need to keep our customers’ applications up and running.”

Scicom Infrastructure Services delivers three area of IT services: infrastructure management; application development and management; and business continuity and recovery services. Its customers cover a wide range of applications and public sector areas, including federal, county and city government agencies through to hospital groups and businesses, typically running critical services which simply cannot fail.

The AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform allows Scicom to proactively monitor, manage and optimize its customers’ most complex software environments in real-time and in production.

“Scicom offers a perfect example of user interaction informing the entire success of digital business performance,” explains Jyoti Bansal, founder and CEO of AppDynamics. “Because so many of its customers deal with critical, high-touch public services, delivered over complex infrastructures, the AppDynamics Application Intelligence platform ensures the instant identification of performance anomalies and automatic fixes. By collecting millions of performance data points across the applications and infrastructure, Scicom has a complete and continuous view into its customers’ digital performance.”

This approach to determining performance baselines uses intelligence gathered from continuously monitoring site response times to automatically and dynamically adjust performance thresholds based on real time application usage.. For example, if the response time of a business transaction within an application is a few seconds one week, and a development fix improves that response time, the AppDynamics APM solution automatically adjusts the baseline for that transaction. This is in contrast to static baselines which require IT to set performance thresholds manually, which is no longer practical in today’s fast-paced IT environments.

With the AppDynamics solution in place, Scicom will have unprecedented visibility into its customers’ applications and infrastructure, no matter how complex, along with real-time intelligence and the tools to ensure optimal performance for those applications and to proactively address issues before they become a problem for users.

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