Atlassian JIRA Integration

Support DevOps adoption in the enterprise and accelerate developer resolution with a two-way integration between AppDynamics and Atlassian JIRA.

Reduce the time in searching for specific event/incident data and consolidating tickets. Navigate between the AppDynamics and JIRA interfaces for a continuous experience. View critical AppDynamics Business Transaction and other response times that trigger alerts in JIRA for enhanced visibility across developer teams.

JIRA tickets automatically created and updated

The AppDynamics and Atlassian JIRA integration automatically creates and updates JIRA tickets when incidents occur. View JIRA ticket information, such as status, assignee, and priority directly from the Health Rule Violations table. AppDynamics events trigger JIRA Incidents, and the event is shown as a health rule violation. AppDynamics event and incident data is then gathered in a JIRA issue.


View JIRA ticket info in AppDynamics War Rooms

Use the AppDynamics Virtual War Room to collaborate and facilitate the resolution. You can place a JIRA widget to track the progress of issues in real-time. War Room details are archived into JIRA once it is over or can be archived at any given point in time.

The information gathered in the JIRA issue and war room persists between AppDynamics and JIRA, and can help you conduct a proper root cause analysis (RCA).


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