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AppDynamics Extends Collaboration with Red Hat to Help Enterprises Optimize Application and Business Performance

  • Co-engineering, co-selling, co-marketing relationship expected to help enterprise customers innovate with fast development of high-performing applications

  • New support and integration with OpenShift by Red Hat and Red Hat JBoss Middleware lets developers rapidly create and deploy apps while maximizing performance

AppDynamics AppSphere™ 2015, LAS VEGAS – DECEMBER 2, 2015 –  AppDynamics, a leading application intelligence company, today announced that it has strengthened its collaboration with Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open source software solutions.

AppDynamics’ agreement with Red Hat enables enterprises to use OpenShift by Red Hat and Red Hat JBoss Middleware technologies, and build in application intelligence from AppDynamics to help customers develop high performing applications faster and with more confidence. DevOps teams and line-of-business managers can work in tandem to accelerate the delivery of performance-optimized applications created using Red Hat software throughout the application lifecycle. The Red Hat-AppDynamics collaboration is also aimed at enabling more efficient migration of existing enterprise applications to OpenShift, Red Hat's award-winning Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, and private clouds, while enabling apps to consistently perform as they did in their original environment.

“Our integration with AppDynamics enables us to provide developers using Red Hat software with application intelligence throughout the entire development process,” said Rob Cardwell, vice president, Application Platforms, Red Hat. “Whether developers choose OpenShift or Red Hat JBoss Middleware, they can quickly develop and deploy dependable applications across the hybrid cloud.”

Instrumenting AppDynamics Intelligence Directly Into Red Hat-Based Applications

AppDynamics’ intelligent agents are instrumented into container images that streamline the development of applications for private clouds using OpenShift by Red Hat. This enables enterprises to auto-discover, monitor, and manage business transactions from end to end for optimized application and business performance. Developers using earlier versions of OpenShift Enterprise can enjoy similar benefits thanks to AppDynamics' intelligent agents injected into cartridges that contain libraries, source code, build mechanisms, and other critical development components.

Enterprises that rely on the Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform or the entire Red Hat JBoss Middleware portfolio also benefit from AppDynamics’ built-in application intelligence. AppDynamics injects bytecode into applications to capture key metrics on the health of JBoss EAP servers and OpenShift PaaS environments—in addition to tracking memory usage by Java virtual machines—with minimal system overhead.

"By leveraging OpenShift by Red Hat and AppDynamics together, DreamWorks Animation is able to rapidly deliver high-performing applications that support our award-winning cast of artists, storytellers, and innovators." says Justin G. Decker, Director of Platform Services at DreamWorks Animation. "We are thrilled by the on-going commitment from Red Hat and AppDynamics to deliver integration of the AppDynamics Application Performance Monitoring within the OpenShift platform-as-a-service. The seamless experience between these technologies enables us to develop applications faster, with higher quality, resulting in more time for DreamWorks Animation to focus on creating world class family experiences"

Collaborating To Streamline Developer Efforts

AppDynamics and Red Hat are working closely together on co-engineering, co-marketing, and co-sales efforts. The goal is to better address digital businesses that are using custom applications for new consumer touch-points. The collaboration is aimed at streamlining Red Hat developer efforts to create reliable, high-performing applications, and opens the door to new opportunities in an increasingly digital age.

“We are excited to be able to integrate our application intelligence with Red Hat solutions for customers that choose to develop and manage their private environments with Red Hat software,” stated Matthew Polly, vice president of worldwide alliances and business development for AppDynamics. “Our objective is to make it faster and easier to bring high performance to every phase of the software development and management lifecycle, so businesses can perform their best.”

AppDynamics is committed to continued work with Red Hat to help enterprises and developers deliver higher application performance and superior consumer experiences using applications developed with Red Hat software.

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