AppDynamics pricing

We offer two editions of our application and business performance monitoring solutions, both of which start with a 15-day free trial, no credit card required.

Pro Edition


per unit / mo. 

Minimum one year commitment. A unit refers to the metric that governs the pricing for a given product module. See below for more details.

Discounts available with a three-year commitment

  • Enable end-to-end monitoring of the business transactions within your applications
  • Track real customer journeys on both mobile apps and web with front-end to backend correlation
  • Test and diagnose application health with synthetic users
  • Visualize database and server performance in context of business transactions

Peak Edition

Get more from AppDynamics to run your business at scale. Request a quote.

Discounts available with a three-year commitment

  • Includes activation of Business iQ for deep, real-time business awareness. Learn more
  • Provides business metric context to application performance 
  • Gives you deeper diagnostics with business transaction and log correlation
  • Analyzes user journeys and conversions with performance context

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Applications to drive your digital transformation, from deployment to deep, real-time business awareness

Use the AppDynamics Platform as the foundation for your entire deployment—or get even deeper value with with the Peak Edition, which activates Business iQ. You’ll get real-time awareness of the business impact being made by application performance and customer experience quality.

Application Performance Management

Priced by agent units. Agent units are counted differently depending on the language(s) you need supported.

Customized pricing is available for highly elastic architectures that include micro-services, docker containers, or that leverage cloud auto-scaling.


1 unit per JVM


1 unit per Windows OS instance hosting .NET CLRs


1 unit per runtime instance


1 unit per 10 Node.js processes


1 unit per OS instance

Apache Web Server

1 unit per OS instance


1 unit per 3 OS instances

Database Visibility

Priced by database instance units. Units are counted differently depending on the database platform(s) you need supported.

*When monitoring Oracle or IBM DB2, if an instance exceeds more than 8 cores, then an extra unit is needed for each 8 core. Example, single instance Oracle database with 32 core requires 4 units.


1 unit per 8 CPU cores*


1 unit per 8 CPU cores*


1 unit per standalone instance or per replica set for a sharded cluster

Other supported databases

1 unit per database instance

Mobile Real-User Monitoring

Priced by monthly-active-users (MAU) units. Each unit supports 5,000 monthly-active-users. A unique user who opens a native mobile application at least once in a given month is counted as one monthly-active-user. Each unit can support multiple applications across multiple devices.

Mobile Real-User Monitoring supports iOS and Android.

1 unit per 5,000 Monthly Active Users

Browser Real-User Monitoring

Priced by pageview units. Each unit supports 10 million pageviews per year. A simple or full pageview counts as a pageview and can be generated by a traditional web app or single page application. By default, underlying Ajax and iFrame requests are tracked for monitoring purposes, but are not counted as additional pageviews. AJAX tracking can be enabled for specific calls and 5 requests will constitute one pageview. Pageviews accrue on a yearly basis. The year starts and ends on the provisioning date.

Browser Real-User Monitoring supports HTML5 and single-page apps (SPA).

1 unit per 10 million pageviews per year

Application Analytics

Transaction Analytics is Priced by business transaction units. Each unit supports 1,000,000 Business Transaction Events per day. 

Each unit of Log Analytics license is entitled to 5 GB of Log Data Per Day

Each unit of Browser or Mobile Analytics is entitled to 1 unit of data for corresponding Browser or Mobile RUM

Server Visibility

Each unit of Server Visibility is entitled to 3 server instances

Service Availability Monitoring
Each unit of Service Availability Monitoring is entitled to 60 checks and requires Server Visibility to be licensed.

Synthetic Monitoring

Each unit of Synthetic Monitoring is entitled to 40,000 five-second blocks per month

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