Monitor and manage your applications at scale

Quickly deploy and manage your application performance in the most complex environments to deliver flawless performance.

Take the complexity out of deploying and managing our application performance management solutions with an intuitive UI.

Deploy without fear in even the most complex application environments

Quickly deploy or upgrade across one hundred thousand or more agents with license management and agent configuration tools.

Stay secure and in compliance with role based access controls

Easily define roles based on team function and manage all permissions centrally or through corporate authentication services ensuring data privacy compliance.

Instrument and monitor your critical business transactions

Discover and configure your most important business transactions and easily build compelling dashboards using Live Mode.

Easily deploy and monitor in the most complex and large environments

Control who can view and manage your environment

The administration is easy with role-based access control. Secure access to all your AppDynamics data, whether using built-in user administration or single sign-on solutions.

Deploy far and wide, without losing control

Remove the pain of tracking usage for multiple groups within an enterprise. AppDynamics license management gives you a snapshot of usage across your entire organization. And the ability to distribute and track license consumption automatically and assign quotas to different teams makes management even easier.

Deploy and upgrade from a central location

Manage your entire environment from a central location and ensure easy deployments or upgrades with Universal Agent. This gives DevOps teams with dynamic requirements the power to move faster as environments scale.



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