AppDynamics for Cisco ACI: Application Centric Infrastructure

Deliver better end user experience with integrated application and network-level visibility.

What is the Cisco ACI AppDynamics Integration?

For applications running in multi-cloud environments, Cisco and AppDynamics provide an integrated underlying network to ensure better application performance and user experience.

Fastest root-cause analysis and remediation

  • Find the root-cause of incidents quickly by correlating Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) constructs to show if network-configured policies are impacting application performance

  • Escalate and triage network issues with actionable information —like specific datacenter switch or associated endpoint group —by cross-launching into the ACI troubleshooting interface

  • Streamline collaboration between application and network teams to reduce time spent resolving network issues

Reduced risk of unexpected application outages

  • Make changes to the network confidently by leveraging an integrated data model that maps application connectivity to network endpoints

  • Visualize application health to understand whether network changes have impacted application or business performance

“We wanted a solution that could map our enterprise applications dynamically, giving us a holistic view of everything from end-user experience, through to infrastructure and analytics. AppDynamics has made it easy for us to build a custom, interactive dashboard, which displays all application information in a single view. Meaning, we can quickly provide specific answers to our application support teams.”

Wynand Beukes, IT Executive, Telkom Business Connexion

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