Deep Code Insights:
Rapid Software Debugging
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Spend less time debugging, more time writing code and shipping innovative products that drive your business forward.

Gain visibility into production

Deep Code Insights (DCI) simplifies the software debugging process by offering an unprecedented level of visibility into your running code, without slowing performance or disrupting the application and end users. Whether you’re dealing with monolithic or highly distributed microservices-based applications, DCI provides the critical, on-the-fly data you need to pinpoint performance issues in production.

Securely capture data on demand

No more time spent making code changes, adding log lines, or recreating issues in a test environment to capture the right debug information. The typical software debugging process costs developers an average of 12 hours per week. With DCI, simply set dynamic watchpoints to capture data on-demand, instantly.

Gather more context through dynamic watchpoints

Dynamic watchpoints are non-intrusive: they do not stop or break your app. Insert these non-breaking watchpoints to collect local variables, stack trace errors, and other critical data to find the root cause of issues, without stopping or impacting the app.


Get the fix right the first time

Equipped with the data from DCI, your devs are empowered to get the fix right the first time. That means precise root cause identification and reduced time sifting through log files, giving you time back to focus on what matters most: releasing innovative features at the speed of modern business.

Supporting technology

On top of DCI, leverage AppDynamics Business iQ to understand ⁠— in real time ⁠— how application performance is impacting your customers and business.

DCI improves developer efficiency by more than 25%

Deep Code Insights enables your enterprise to:

Ease hand-offs between Dev and Ops

Achieve peak developer productivity and software delivery efficiency

Deliver best-in-class software, continuously

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Debug production. Get answers from live code.