Cognition Engine

Unlock the power of machine learning and AI to navigate the complexity of the digital first world and deliver a world-class user experience.

What is Cognition Engine?

Cognition Engine is a collection of machine learning algorithms that give you the power to automate anomaly detection and root cause analysis, drive intelligent alerting and dramatically reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) through insights and automated actions.

Dynamic Baselines

Cognition Engine uses powerful machine learning to automatically discern what normal looks like for your business. Create a dynamic baseline of all metrics with up to a year of data, taking seasonality and other fluctuating patterns into account.

Anomaly Detection

Using machine learning algorithms, Cognition Engine uses real-time insights to automatically detect performance problems and compares those anomalies to your business baselines - allowing you to solve issues more quickly.

Cognition Engine is available to SaaS customers at no additional cost. Learn how to enable anomaly detection >

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Leveraging a set of self-learning algorithms, Cognition Engine helps your business troubleshoot quickly by automatically identifying the root cause of issues - down to the exact line of code, function, thread, or database call. Isolate metrics that contribute to the issue to identify the likely degree of impact on the KPI for each metric.

Intelligent Alerting and Actioning

Spend less time reacting and more time driving innovation. Get only meaningful alerts to reduce alert fatigue, along with actionable insights - with full context of business impact and suspected causes of the digital experiences delivered to your customers.

Power a world-class experience with AI

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Learn how Cognition Engine uses machine learning to automate anomaly detection