Cognition Engine

Unlock the power of machine learning and AI to navigate the complexity of the digital-first world and deliver a world-class user experience.

What is Cognition Engine?

Cognition Engine is a collection of machine learning algorithms that analyzes transaction-based performance data across application topologies. This provides full-awareness of your application’s performance deviations along with contextual insights built to dramatically reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) when issues arise.


Highly relevant, precise alerts

Powerful machine learning automatically analyzes metrics across your full stack, providing you an accurate picture of what normal performance looks like. By taking seasonality and other fluctuations into consideration, alerts are more intelligently triggered, reducing false positives and alert storms.

Faster resolution with root cause(s) analysis (RCA)

Zero in on the root cause and Isolate the fault domain amongst the application’s code, storage, infrastructure or network. Advanced AI machine learning helps identify the most likely root cause and further decrease and streamline MTTR.

Move from reactive to proactive

Cognition Engine not only troubleshoots faster before too many customers are impacted, but also detects weak signals earlier, avoiding any impact to the users and the business. Get an overview of unhealthy technologies and remediate before any impact.

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