Browser Real User Monitoring

Optimize the end-user experience of browser-based applications

How do real users experience your browser-based applications? Using browser real user monitoring follow their journey and optimize their experience with powerful end-to-end performance management that rapidly identifies application issues and relevant business transactions, and dramatically reduces MTTR.

Understand end user experiences across the globe, in real-time

  • Visually monitor your users’ customer journey and experience across the globe through a single pane of glass
  • Instantly understand the regional variability on your website or single page application (SPA) experience

  • See top page/SPA view requests and pages/SPA views with longest response times to focus on key issues

Quickly resolve web performance bottlenecks with end-to-end visibility

  • Together with AppDynamics APM, automatically discover business transactions to monitor browser to back-end dependencies
  • See all the business transactions involved through the customer journey for each browser real-user session

  • Rapidly identifying any poorly performing line of code, from the web app to the database, leveraging Transaction Tag and Follow to improve collaboration between web developers, Web Ops, and the IT Ops teams

Get accurate browser-user insights to optimize web experiences

  • Avoid guesswork and optimize your web app based on large volumes of multi-dimensional usage data that includes user response time, first byte time, DOM ready time, device type and browser type

  • Understand the distribution of your users by browser type, version, device and geographical location to optimize accordingly

  • View user sessions based on user context for visibility into every customer journey and usage to improve customer experiences

Drill down into individual user experience to respond quickly and resolve web app/site performance issues

  • Improve user acquisition and retention by proactively identifying, troubleshooting and resolving website performance and user experience issues

  • Get detailed page-load, AJAX, iFrame, and associated business transactions with real-time user behavior, network, page rendering, and detailed resource waterfalls with load time analysis

  • Understand the contribution of each page/SPA view’s performance to the user journey through the entire user session for each interaction with the website

  • See the virtual page performance of each screen view of Single Page Applications (SPAs) with automatic detection of Angular.js and a Manual API for other SPA frameworks

Track user sessions in real-time to understand and improve the business impact of browser performance on your KPIs

  • Improve customer service and reduce MTTR with detailed session analytics for each customer journey
  • Increase conversions and reduce bounce rates by understanding the customer flow through the pages of the web application/site

  • View all business transactions and their performance involved in each customer visit and how they contribute to the business outcome and the effect on KPIs

Get alerts that matter by dynamically baselining web metrics

  • Allow the self-learning platform to help you automatically adapt to the high-variance performance metrics in the web/browser world

  • Reduce false alerts from proactive anomaly detection and intelligent alerting

  • Eliminate static thresholds and leverage percentiles that dynamically baselines every metric

Browser Real User Monitoring

Code-level insights

Identify the nodes and tiers as well as specific code lines that are hurting your application experience.


AppDynamics Pro supports as many Browser RUM units as your application needs. AppDynamics Lite – Free Forever is limited to 500 Million pageviews a year.

Performance analytics

Query user performance across pages, geography, devices, browsers, and more, to focus in on specific performance issues or opportunities for improvement.

Business transaction correlation

Get end-to-end visibility for every individual transaction from the browser to the backend database, and anything in between.

Dynamic performance baselining

Leverage the platform’s smart self-learning algorithms to learn from app’s behavior and baseline web performance rather than relying on guesswork.

Browser snapshot waterfalls

See the breakdown of all resources loaded for a single page to understand the impact of Javascript, CSS, images and third-party content like ads, social and analytics.

"It’s a tool that offers seamless traceability and a view that bridge both the APM and the Business product usage effectively."

Heather Abbott, Senior Vice President of Corporate Solutions Technology, Nasdaq

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