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Browser Synthetic Monitoring

Proactively ensure website availability and performance

Proactively ensure application performance and availability anytime from locations around the world with browser synthetic monitoring. Use our intelligent cloud agents to monitor Business Transaction performance from browser to back-end, establish performance baselines, manage third-party SLAs, and benchmark the competition.

Have confidence that your website is ready and working correctly all the time

  • Distributed cloud-based, agent-generated measurements of your website independent of and even in the absence of real user traffic
  • Measure entire multi-page workflows simulating a complete customer journey including form data submission and user-actions via Selenium-based scripting of tests

  • Gather visual-based metrics to track the user perception of every page load

  • Provides solid independent data that the website or a third-party is meeting performance SLAs for uptime, functionality and availability

  • Maintain a market edge by comparing the relative performance of your site via benchmarks of your competition or other industry standards

Immediately retest on error conditions to eliminate false positives

  • Rest easy at night and avoid the spurious 3 A.M. false alert
  • Retest instantly on error conditions to eliminate erroneous results, confirm problems, or determine severity and appropriate follow-up actions

  • No waiting for the next scheduled test window to see if an error is persistent or anomalous

Private synthetic agents

  • Install the private agent software on your servers to test internal applications that aren’t accessible from the public internet

  • Set up private agents in branch facilities to check availability and performance for your distributed workforce

  • Set up private agents in your data center to isolate the impact of network latency on end user performance

Baseline and track performance, monitor availability using real browsers to truly assess actual end user experiences

  • Monitor your site with the same real browsers as your customers (Chrome, Firefox, IE), not simulated browsers

  • Drive your monitoring via the latest standard WebDriver protocols for generating requests from real browsers

  • Selenium-based scripting of measurement workflows with form data submission and user actions to test business logic and performance of back-end systems

  • Measure and track end user experience as perceived by your customers, not some proxy metric, with full resource waterfalls and page performance load times from the browser timing and navigation APIs

  • See synthetic and real user performance in a single pane of glass for a comprehensive view of performance

With AppDynamics APM, discover Business Transactions to provide browser synthetic requests to back-end application dependencies

  • Rapidly identify the exact offending line of code, from the client side web app to the database back-end with synthetic jobs triggering correlated back-end snapshots
  • Reduce the blame game between web app/site development and back-end app IT Ops teams

  • Work collaboratively with business owners, development, and operations to optimize your web experience and business outcomes

Set up your own custom schedules for synthetic jobs

  • Use your quota efficiently by scheduling measurement jobs at any interval appropriate for your purposes with custom measurement windows, from minutes to hours to days

  • Take advantage of globally distributed sites to make observations from locations that matter for your business

  • Monitor the detailed performance results of each job with rich metrics for analysis and troubleshooting

Browser Synthetic Monitoring

Flexible Scheduling

Set job schedules at any interval and define custom windows for jobs to run according to your needs, objectives, and budget to use your quota efficiently.

Distributed Agents

Set up synthetic browser agents to run monitoring jobs from 26 cloud based locations around the world. No hardware to install or set up.

Smart Alerts

Configure alerting to automatically re-test on error conditions to avoid false positives.

“It was simple to deploy. It took minutes, literally. On our first proof-of-concept, we saw results within an hour.”

Eric Poon, Director of Operations Analytics, Nasdaq

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