Browser Synthetic Monitoring

Proactively ensure the performance and availability of your applications and APIs — from anywhere in the world — with synthetic monitoring tools.

Get deep user insights when you need them most

AppDynamics uses synthetic agents to monitor business transactions and performance across critical services, from the browser to APIs and the back end. Quickly find and fix issues, establish performance baselines and manage third-party SLAs — all while benchmarking the competition.

Maintain an edge in the market

Simulate complete user journeys with data instruments and measurements across multi-page workflows for both website and third-party components to meet and exceed SLAs for uptime, functionality and availability.

Avoid unwelcome alerts

Re-test error conditions instantly without waiting for the next scheduled test window to eliminate erroneous results, proactively identify problems, or determine the severity and appropriate follow-up actions.

Deploy private synthetic agents

Install the private agent software across your servers, networks and data centers to test internal applications and isolate performance issues impacting employee productivity.

Understand actual end user experience with performance baselines

See synthetic and real user performance for a comprehensive view of performance across the same real browsers as your customers (Chrome, Firefox, IE), to test business logic, page load times, and the performance of back-end systems.

Reduce the blame game between development and ops teams

Identify the exact line of offending code, from the client-side web app to the back-end database with synthetic jobs triggering correlated back-end snapshots.

Set up custom schedules for synthetic jobs

Set job schedules at any interval and define custom windows for jobs to run according to your needs, objectives, and budgets to use your quotas efficiently.

Take advantage of globally distributed sites to make observations from locations that matter for your business.

Synthetic API Monitoring

Proactively monitor API availability and performance across the entire application stack — from microservices and serverless functions to public and private APIs.

Monitor a single API or chain of multiple API requests and leverage granular session data including status code, response time, TLS time, TCP time, DNS time and error messages.

Leverage advanced alerting and troubleshooting capabilities to reduce MTTI/MTTR and minimize the impact of API issues on your users, business and technology stack.

Synthetic Web Monitoring

Ensure your applications are highly available and performing optimally by proactively identifying issues using automated synthetic tests from globally distributed locations. 

Triage and troubleshoot issues by leveraging data collected across the entire technology stack — frontend, backend, DB and infrastructure. 

Protect your bottom line by identifying critical issues impacting end users and business transactions, and proactively resolve them before customers know they exist.

Deeply understand your digital experience with AppDynamics browser synthetic monitoring

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"Synthetic Monitoring gives us the confidence we will be able to identify a performance issue before it affects a customer’s experience. "

Philippe Donon
Head of Core Platform and Performance Team, Privalia

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