Transaction Analytics

Drive better business outcomes by correlating application-based transactions with the results your business relies on.

Make every tech decision a business decision

Collect and correlate key transactional data to get insights into IT operations, digital experience and business outcomes.

Optimize application performance with real-time answers to performance issues

With AppDynamics Transaction Analytics, drive business results by correlating application performance data with key business metrics like revenue that are tied to every transaction.

Optimize application performance by understanding the relationships between key business transactions (e.g. add to cart, checkout) and applications within highly distributed environments.

Get deeper performance insights, faster

AppDynamics Query Language (ADQL) utilizes an SQL-based query language to monitor SQL server performance and deliver results and insights faster than ever.

Rapidly visualize large data sets with out-of-the-box widgets and interactive custom dashboards to share with other teams, connecting technical performance issues to their impact on business outcomes.

Automatically correlate business transactions to logs

Leverage the industry’s first automatic correlation of transaction and log data.

Smart intelligence allows faster resolution and quick action into performance issues to optimize the user experience.

AppDynamics puts your IT teams at the center of business success

"It was simple to deploy. It took minutes, literally. On our first proof-of-concept, we saw results within an hour. "

Eric Poon
Director of Operations Analytics, Nasdaq

Understanding the value of monitoring and managing SAP

Learn why comprehensive SAP observability is now essential — and how AppDynamics Performance Monitoring for SAP can help.

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What is log analysis?

Uses cases for digital performance.

Cut the chaos with AppDynamics Full Stack Observability

Observe what matters by understanding the connection between your app’s health, your users’ satisfaction and your business results.

The Many Faces of Advanced Operations Analytics

In this research report, EMA details the findings of their research on Advanced Operations Analytics as both a product offering and an emerging, transformational market.

AppDynamics transaction analytics raises the bar for business metrics

The response from our existing and new customers  to our Real-Time Business Metrics (RTBM) capabilities has been amazing. 

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