Web and Mobile Analytics

Understand customer behavior across every browser and device with unified analytics dashboards for your whole organization.

Limitless observability

Browser and mobile analytics from AppDynamics gives you a unified view of the user experience to support engagement and drive better business outcomes.

Through integrated browser, mobile, and custom user data, keep track of user movements across every touch point.


Optimize application performance with unified insights

Understand and improve user experience across multiple application versions including browser, mobile, or hybrid user data.

Quickly build interactive custom analytics dashboards to get insights, monitor trends and support business outcomes.

Easily share insights across teams and with senior management, and control privacy within each module through role-based access features.

Improve user experiences and business results

Visualize the funnel and other measures of engagement through pre-built widgets that help you better understand user behavior and intent.

Build your own with the ability to analyze multiple fields in the x and y axis. Experience Journey Mapping (ExJM) charts the most trafficked application paths and evaluates their performance along the way.

See how customers interact with your app and identify opportunities for optimization to deliver the experience they demand.

Uncover insights and deliver results faster

AppDynamics ADQL leverages SQL syntax allows you to dissect your data to get to the insights most critical to your business.

Run advanced, fast, and nested data searches to perform ad-hoc analysis in real-time.

AppDynamics puts your IT teams at the center of business success

"It was simple to deploy. It took minutes, literally. On our first proof-of-concept, we saw results within an hour. "

Eric Poon
Director of Operations Analytics, Nasdaq

See why Gartner named us a Leader in the 2021 APM Magic Quadrant

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