AppDynamics SaaS

Cloud-based Application Performance Management

Real time visibility

As the leader for Application Performance Management, AppDynamics delivers a cloud-based solution that enables you to quickly deliver real-time visibility with confidence.

With AppDynamics Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), you can focus on driving the best digital experiences for your customers while enjoying lower total costs, guaranteed availability, data security and automatic upgrades.

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Confidence in the Cloud

Design-led security and privacy are both key ingredients of AppDynamics SaaS. The platform provides continuous protection of customer data with features and capabilities like access controls, data encryption at rest and in-transit as well as security development, security testing, and security monitoring. The program also maintains a regular cadence of SOC2 attestations that establish an independent assessment of the SaaS based security controls. The platform is also GDPR-ready, enabling customers to meet enhanced data protection guidelines.

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Fast time to value

By delivering a cloud-based, high-performance platform, AppDynamics SaaS helps you rapidly start to ensure that every part of your environment — from software to infrastructure to business outcomes — is highly visible, optimized, and primed to drive growth.  

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Focus on your customers

Because AppDynamics SaaS runs on a world-class platform with guaranteed availability, you can focus your expertise on creating superior customer experiences and trust our expertise to deliver the most advanced APM solutions via the cloud.

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"AppDynamics is very easy for us to use and maintain. It is a SaaS solution, so we don't have to host anything."


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