APM Management

Application performance management software is a critical part of any organization's application performance strategy. AppDynamics is the only easy-to-use and production-ready APM management solution. 

Key Benefits

  • Get complete visibility into application performance

  • Monitor business transactions in real time

  • Set up proactive alerting to find problems before they hurt your business

  • Fix problems faster than ever before

Automatic Application Mapping

While most web APM Management solutions require manual configuration and code changes to deploy, AppDynamics automatically instruments your code and maps your entire application architecture.

Business Transaction Monitoring

AppDynamics, unlike most application performance tools, understands application performance in terms of business transactions, or user requests. By giving you business transaction context into your performance bottlenecks, AppDynamics enables you to understand application performance the way your end users experience it, and to prioritize issues based on their business impact.

Code-Level Application Performance Diagnostics

With AppDynamics, you can drill down into a specific call stack trace to find class and method-level detail around response time latency in a matter of seconds. While many application performance monitors display response time correlation across the application, AppDynamics offers both wide and deep visibility, allowing users to get to root cause of performance issues in a matter of seconds.

Compare Performance of Application Releases

Have you ever wished you could compare snapshots in your application performance management tools from before and after a major code release? Now you can do that in AppDynamics with its new Compare Releases feature. Find out how a recent release affected your production environment and your end users in a single dashboard.

Proactive Alerting on Application Performance Metrics

With AppDynamics, you can set alerts based on application-level and infrastructure-level metrics as well as Business Transaction performance. While other application performance management tools rely on static universal thresholds for alerting, AppDynamics is much more fine-grained, which allows you to avoid alert storms and, even worse, missing problems.

Dashboards and Reports

Keep management in the loop with high-level application performance dashboards and PDF reports. Dashboards and reporting allow you to evaluate the cost of performance outages and slowdowns as well as demonstrate the value of your performance tuning projects.

Supported Application Environments for AppDynamics Application Performance Management





More About AppDynamics APM Management Software

The first application performance management tools were modeled after Java and .NET profilers, and were built using the same technology (bytecode instrumentation). These tools were fine for the simple, monolithic applications of the late 90s and early 2000s, but as application technologies and architectures changed, existing application performance management tools failed to adapt. Legacy application performance monitoring tools were too cumbersome to deploy and configure for these dynamic and distributed applications, and their overhead on the production environment was too high for ever-more-impatient users. Today's web application performance monitoring tools need to be more intelligent, more dynamic, and more lightweight than ever before in order to give ops and dev the visibility they need into modern application architectures. 

AppDynamics was built from the ground-up as an application performance monitor for modern production applications. AppDynamics is suitable for today's application architectures primarily because of its ease-of-use and its scalability. 

1. Ease-of-use. Legacy application performance monitoring solutions are difficult to deploy and use with modern applications. This is because these tools require lots of manual configuration in order to provide ops and dev with the visibility they need into code execution. This configuration is required both during deployment of the application performance management tool as well as every time the architecture of the application changes. The effort required to deploy these tools as well as the ongoing cost of maintenance makes them unfeasible for today's ops teams. Ops (and dev) now need an application performance monitoring tool that's intuitive, intelligent, and all-around easy to use. AppDynamics is that tool.

2. Scalable. Applications are bigger now than ever before, and they're only growing. As more and more companies rely on their web applications for revenue, web application performance monitoring tools must be able to monitor larger and more distributed applications than before. Legacy application performance management solutions typically can't scale to meet the demands of their enterprise customers. AppDynamics is designed to scale to thousands of nodes with a single management server, making it suitable for the needs of modern enterprise companies.


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