AWS Migration

Move quickly and securely to AWS

Accelerate & derisk Your AWS migration

Move quickly and securely to AWS with full-stack performance monitoring, providing end-to-end visibility of technical and business performance. Baseline application workloads before migration, to ensure the move delivers on objectives and is viewed as a success.

Pre-migration: understand architecture dependencies

A comprehensive understanding of the applications to be migrated is critical in planning your move to the AWS cloud. AppDynamics creates a real-time, dynamic visual representation of the service dependencies and interaction of applications considered for migration.

Understand the real impact of migrating each application and establish baselines for typical workloads before, during, and post-migration.

Migration: gain visibility into infrastructure & KPIs

Gain visibility into application workload performance and throughputs to deliver on the target user experience without overspending. Executive Dashboards allow you to quickly analyze how an application is performing from a user and business perspective during load test scenarios.

Obtain application KPIs to provide proof points for the performance of critical transactions and business performance indicators.

Post-migration: prove business value

Prove to stakeholders that applications are performing equally or better on AWS. Objective, data-driven metrics let you compare application performance pre- and post-migration to validate business impact.

Review pre- and post-move baselines to identify other applications for migration to further support optimal performance.

Hear from our customers


"The ability to trace a transaction visually and intuitively through the interface was a major benefit. This visibility was especially valuable when Nasdaq was migrating a platform from its internal infrastructure to the AWS Cloud."

Heather Abbott, SVP Corporate Solutions Technology, Nasdaq

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