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The Cloud Foundry Foundation is a non-profit community focused on fostering the growth of cloud-enabled business practices such as Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). The Foundation is working towards an enterprise-adopted open PaaS, which can run from any cloud. As enterprise businesses continue to adopt agile processes, this open PaaS will continue to innovate and become an industry-standard architecture.

Cloud Foundry is an open-source PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) originally developed by VMware. Written primarily in Ruby and Go, Cloud Foundry sports an open architecture that includes an application services interface, a cloud provider interface, and a buildpack mechanism for adding frameworks. Buildpacks for Java, Node.js, Ruby, and Go frameworks are part of the core system; GitHub provides a list of Community buildpacks for other frameworks, such as those for .NET- and PHP. Cloud Foundry comes with a self-service application execution engine; an automation engine to deploy applications and manage their lifecycles; and tools for authentication and identity management, among others. Cloud Foundry has an active developer community and powerful sponsorship from leading vendors, including platinum sponsors VMware, EMC, Rackspace, IBM, and Pivotal.

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“We are very honored to join the Cloud Foundry Foundation alongside the biggest brands and brightest minds in technology,” said Bhaskar Sunkara, chief technology officer at AppDynamics. “Defining the standards for Open Source Platform-as-a-Service will have wide ranging benefits for Enterprises adopting private and public cloud computing. AppDynamics is built from the ground up for cloud environments, and has seen tremendous growth this past year. Our customer feedback clearly points to cloud infrastructure supported by PaaS as a key IT operating model of the future.”

Pivotal CEO, Paul Maritz stated, “Support from exciting technology and industry users of Cloud Foundry will help ensure the growth and stability of the open PaaS movement, accelerating the development of an agile cloud architecture built for today’s enterprises,” said Maritz. “The broad ecosystem of partners, and the great user experience created through Cloud Foundry will engender new applications and services that will have a wide-reaching impact on people  and the world at large.”


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