Rackspace Cloud Monitoring


The AppDynamics Rackspace Cloud Connector Extension provides the ability to monitor and manage your critical cloud-based applications, ensure application performance pre and post-cloud migration, and take full advantage of cloud elasticity with auto-scaling.

Rackspace Cloud is a collection of cloud computing services for building, hosting, and managing cloud-based infrastructures. Rackspace’s "Cloud Servers" infrastructure service enables users to instantly ramp up or scale down any number of virtual servers as needed, providing elastic cloud-based infrastructures with high levels of availability. This service includes a Cloud Servers API lets users easily build, configure, and manage VMs. Meanwhile, Rackspace’s "Cloud Sites" PaaS (Platform-as-a-service) enables application developers to build out complex applications without having to worry about underlying infrastructure and provides them with compute, storage, and bandwidth resources, unlimited databases and sites, and reseller capabilities for client billing and technical support. Rackspace Cloud offers additional services and tools designed to manage cloud security, build APIs, and create databases and other infrastructure components. Rackspace bills users on a utility computing basis.

Automatic application discovery

Automatically discover the entire topology of your Rackspace application and enable your team to spend time on innovation instead of configuration.

Display key performance indicators

Gain a real-time view of the complete health of your Rackspace application by monitoring load, average, response time and error rate for the application, and dynamic baselines for all of these values to show what's normal vs abnormal.

Distributed call graphs

Follow a user request as it traverses your distributed Rackspace application and collect end-to-end code execution and latency data to provide context required to isolate root cause quickly.

Real-Time Business Metrics 

Correlate application performance metrics to the metrics that matter most to your business and get real-time insight when performance deviates from the baseline.

Cloud auto-scaling

Ensure accurate capacity planning for cloud environments with tools to dynamically scale up or scale down cloud resources based on performance metrics.


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