Continuous Delivery

Be confident that each new software release performs, operates and delivers successful business outcomes

See how applications are performing from a unified perspective in test, pre-production and production environments

  • Automatic generation of application flow maps that dynamically update on every release

  • Machine learning to understand what is business normal and abnormal application performance

  • Smart alerting ensures that alerts for every release are in business context

Drill down to the root cause of application release issue in 3 clicks

  • Ensure fast MTTR with any application release issues

  • Quickly identify the application calls made that have led to the performance problem in order to isolate the issue

Understand end-user experience to ensure that new releases enhance customer experiences

  • See who, where and when people are using your web or mobile applications in order to better plan release cycles
  • Identify application crashes immediately and understand the user journey to help with new release planning and design activity

Automatically respond to increased application demand so that new releases don’t experience capacity issues

  • Pre-built, easy-to-configure task templates that allow Cloud Autoscaling based on capacity requirements

  • Scalability Analysis helps you proactively plan capacity requirements for each new release 

Compare application releases easily to ensure they are delivering business benefits

  • See in real-time how new releases are performing against older versions

  • Ensure that key Business Transactions in new releases are delivering the performance that users expect

Utilize Unified Analytics to plan and prioritize which new application features will deliver business success

  • Understand how current releases are supporting revenue generation

  • Gain insight into user engagement and performance of releases in order to focus on developing the right new features in the next release

“We’re an agile shop. We usually release code into production once or twice a week. But outages and fixes interrupt our sprints and impact productivity... [With AppDynamics] we’ve gained immediate visibility into how our code works in production.”

Ben Hofmann, Manager of Web Development, PennWell Corp.

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