DevOps Tools

Accelerate your ability to release and change applications quickly, while ensuring that they meet end-user experience expectations in production.

Enable DevOps teams to shine a spotlight on your microservices

  • Automatic discovery of entry and exit points of your microservice as service endpoints for focused microservices monitoring

  • Track the key performance indicators of your microservices deployed in elastic infrastructure, without worrying about the entire distributed business transaction

  • Drill down and isolate the root cause of any performance issues affecting the microservices

Utilize real-time application data to plan release and change processes

  • Ensure that frequent application change and release processes bring business benefits
  • Understand application usage patterns and user journeys to better plan application release and change cycles

  • Utilize real-time data to support Scrum and other agile software development methodologies

Support your continuous delivery strategy

  • Compare new applications and features in real-time to make sure they provide business benefit.
  • See the performance effect of new features on Business Transactions

  • Ensure that applications are working and performing as per the design

Improve collaboration between IT development, operations and business teams

  • Be confident that IT and business teams can collaborate seamlessly on software strategy:
  • Ensure that IT development, operations and business teams can collaborate seamlessly during an application incident with real-time, virtual war rooms and DevOps monitoring.

  • Create dashboards easily so that information is displayed in context of the audience.

“For us, because we’ve got a strong ‘devops' culture, and because the same teams are in charge of development and operations of the applications, the AppDynamics APM solution was really the tool we were missing to allow us to concentrate on upcoming work, in complete confidence... And when you work in a bank, confidence is a very important word.”

Sébastien Tournay, Infrastructure and Operations Manager, BforBank (Crédit Agricole Group)

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