Kubernetes Monitoring

Handle rapid innovation with ease

End-to-end, unified container monitoring into Kubernetes deployments and every microservice you rely on for endless scalability.

Run a healthy system at massive scale

Grow your operations and Kubernetes containerization under one umbrella. Zoom out for system-level insights on your entire microservices architecture, or zero in on individual app or cluster performance.


Full-stack observability across hybrid and multi-cloud

See into every component of your applications and every microservice or end user device — all within the context of business transactions. Visualize your Kubernetes architecture with labels like Namespace, Pods, ReplicaSets, or Deployment. Organize Kubernetes objects or performance metrics based on labels. Kubernetes cluster monitoring gives you full observability across on-premise and hybrid environments.

Automatic root cause analysis

Avoid false alarms by setting baselines to match historical performance and reduce noise often caused by siloed Kubernetes monitoring tools. Silence alert storms caused by cascading microservices failures and quickly triage the root cause to reduce MTTR. Intelligently alert IT when problems arise using a stack-ranked order of potential root causes.

Seamless, out of the box monitoring support

One-step installation deploys AppDynamics server agent as a DaemonSet on all Kubernetes worker nodes. Get application container images from the Docker store with built-in AppDynamics agents. Deploy Kubernetes-based applications on any cloud, including AWS, Azure, GCP, and other on-premises cloud environments.

Business results-focused insights

Implement health rules and alerts based on business metrics to ensure every code release drives results. Correlate Kubernetes-tagged metrics with business metrics or end user experience with application performance on the Kubernetes platform. Easily isolate performance issues in different environments, such as canary releases, and determine their impact on business in real time.

AppDynamics puts your IT teams at the center of business success

"We can see everything inside both our dynamic container infrastructure and the microservices running inside the containers. AppDynamics gives us unprecedented insight. "

Philippe Dono
Head of the Core Platform and Performance Team, Privalia

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Kubernetes Monitoring with AppDynamics

Kubernetes Monitoring with AppDynamics gives organizations visibility into application and business performance, providing unparalleled insights into containerized applications, Kubernetes clusters, Docker containers, and underlying infrastructure metrics—all through a single pane of glass.

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Docker is a powerful container-based virtualization technology, but with that power comes careful considerations when designing, deploying, and monitoring your application. This e-book presents performance tips across all three of these disciplines: application design, optimal deployment, and production monitoring.

Kubernetes Monitoring Best Practices

Kubernetes automates the deployment, scaling and operations of applications running inside the containers across clusters of hosts. Monitoring Kubernetes requires full-stack visibility and a deep understanding of what metrics to monitor.

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