.NET Management

See how your application really performs in production IIS and Windows Azure environments with AppDynamics. We give you maximum visibility with minimal overhead and configuration effort so you can focus on innovation. Doing so is key to an effective application performance management strategy

Key Benefits:

  • Visualize your CLR dependencies

  • Monitor Windows Azure

  • Real-Time view of CLR performance, health and exceptions

  • Cross-CLR visibility for distributed transactions

Covis Case Study

Even in a large, distributed .NET environment with over 200,000 transactions an hour, Covis has gained the ability to identify root cause within 5-10 minutes.

Visualize all your CLR dependencies

Automatic discovery and mapping of all tiers that service and interact with your CLRs. This gives you a complete high-level view of your application performance.

.NET Management in Windows Azure

AppDynamics allows you to gain visibility of your application and its performance within Windows Azure. Our agent can easily be deployed via the three Azure roles (Web, Worker and CustomVM) and also gives you visibility into the Azure services which your .NET application interacts with like SQL Azure.

Real-Time monitoring of CLR performance, health and exceptions

Understand the health of your CLR with key metrics like response time, throughput, exception rate, and garbage collection time as well as key system resource like CPU, memory and disk I/O.

Cross-CLR visibility for monitoring of distributed transactions

Advanced tag-and-follow tracing of distributed transactions across your CLRs. Simple intuitive view of how a distributed business transaction executes and where bottlenecks exist.

Troubleshoot Code Latency in minutes

AppDynamics provides full visibility into code execution as business transactions and requests are processed by the CLR. This allows you to isolate latency and pinpoint its root cause in minutes.

Trending of CLR and Perfmon Metrics

AppDynamics provides a comprehensive metrics viewer that allows you to correlate, trend and analyze key metrics.

Audit CLR Configuration Change and Application Deployments

AppDynamics will automatically report any changes to the CLR run-time environment configuration as well as track new application deployments and CLR restarts. This helps you understand when and what changes were made to your application environment.

Platform Support

AppDynamics provides support for monitoring .NET Framework 2.0+ and associated Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) versions as well as Windows Azure. This includes full framework and protocol support to give you maximum visibility of your .NET application.

The AppDynamics Difference

  1. Freemium model: Disrupt the market with a one-of-a-kind free .NET performance troubleshooting tool available to all .NET IT Professionals.

  2. Cloud Ready: Plug-and-play performance monitoring for Microsoft Azure cloud apps.

  3. Software-as-a-Service: AppDynamics Pro edition for .NET and Java is available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and on-premise deployment options.

  4. Support for Modern .NET architectures:AppDynamics Pro provides unmatched visibility and troubleshooting capabilities for modern .NET application architectures that are distributed, componentized, and agile. It also includes support for hybrid .NET/Java environments.

  5. Transparent and Affordable Pricing:AppDynamics’ .NET pricing is publicly available on AppDynamics and is less than half the price of legacy APM solutions.


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