Chief Information Officer

Today’s digital businesses rely on software to engage customers and keep employees productive meaning that Application Intelligence is a strategic imperative

Without visibility into your applications and users, there is no visibility into how your IT organization is delivering value to the business. Application Intelligence provides your business the ability to make sure that software is driving commercial success. Unified Monitoring means that emerging issues can be solved before they impact your business, while Unified Analytics helps ensure that software is driving business outcomes.

Real-time monitoring from the end user’s experience through to the backend database whether on-premises or in a cloud environment

Replace complex, siloed monitoring tools with a market leading, unified monitoring platform that provides insight across the digital business

  • One solution to proactively monitor end user experience and application performance from the user device through to the backend database

  • Increase IT productivity with visibility that helps your teams find and fix issues 10x faster meaning less time spent supporting applications and more time for innovation

  • Fast ROI with a choice of deployment models (SaaS, on-premises or both), easy install and smart services to ensure Application Intelligence provided benefit to the business

Build and strengthen relationships with business executives

Demonstrate clearly how software is performing both from a technical and business perspective. Application Analytics can help drive software strategy decisions and doesn't require costly data integration initiatives

  • Correlate end user, application performance with business outcomes

  • Track metrics within the application such as business revenue without code changes

  • Answer business questions about customer experience, conversion and provide vital insights to support digital transformation

Transform to a DevOps culture that promotes collaboration between IT development, operations and the wider business

Digital businesses have to ensure that products and services deliver a great customer experience. Applications are the heart of these digital services meaning that a frequent application release cycle while understanding business impact is critical

  • Ensure that development and operations can collaborate seamlessly during an application incident with real-time, Virtual War Rooms

  • Allow teams to collaborate using application and business data, regardless of their team silo with easy to create dashboards

  • Automatically respond to emerging software problems with Run Book Automation and Cloud Autoscaling

“It was simple to deploy. It took minutes, literally. On our first proof-of-concept, we saw results within an hour.”

Eric Poon, Director of Operations Analytics, Nasdaq

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