Gain real-time visibility into how applications are working in test, pre-production and production environments to ensure that your code delivers the performance and functionality that your business expects.

See the end-to-end performance of the applications you develop

Easy to deploy, Unified Monitoring means that you can make sure that applications perform as expected in test, pre-production and production environments:

  • Immediately identify the root cause of any application performance issue and get down to the code in three clicks

  • Specific DevOps monitoring & development monitoring mode to help remove bugs and tune performance before the application goes live

Be confident that each application release performs well and delivers business benefits

Easily compare releases to ensure that applications perform in production as you intended them to perform:

  • Compare applications to see how changes and new releases have impacted response times and overall performance

  • Understand how each new release impacts the value provided to the user and your business by comparing Business Transaction performance

Work with IT operations and business colleagues to resolve application performance issues

In the software defined business, application performance issues are everyone's responsibility:

  • Utilize virtual, real-time war rooms which allow you and your colleagues to troubleshoot application issues in real-time before long lasting business impact

  • Easily compare and correlate different metrics to understand the root cause of performance issues

“With AppDynamics we were able to gain an order of magnitude performance improvement. We didn't need to buy any new infrastructure, and now we're supporting 10x the load on the system.”

Bob Hartley, Principal Engineer and Development Manager, FamilySearch

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