Developers and QA

Developer and QA teams often feel like they're on a different planet when it comes to working with Operations to resolve application performance issues. AppDynamics changes all that with a powerful monitoring and management tool that aligns the teams. Unlike a profiler, AppDynamics gives Dev and QA teams the business context of application performance.

Key Benefits

  • Align Dev, QA and Ops
  • Optimize what matters
  • Firefight less, innovate more
  • Produce better code

The AppDynamics Difference

  • Scalability: Scales to thousands of nodes with a single management server.
  • Ease-of-Use: Quick Time-to-Value -- up & running in hours! -- and a simple, intuitive interface for ongoing use between Ops, Dev, and QA.
  • Intelligence:  No more manual thresholds -- AppDynamics learns the baseline of your application's performance and triggers alerts accordingly.
  • ROI:  Low licensing costs and highly scalable controller keep TCO low -- improved productivity and ability to focus on innovation.

Many Teams, One View

Forget about Dev, Ops, and QA using different tools to manage performance—with none of them truly providing end-to-end visibility or code-level detail. AppDynamics provides a single pane of glass into application performance for all teams.

Optimize What Truly Matters

Finally, be able to do true performance testing in pre-production—not with a complicated and erratic profiler, but by gaining the business and distributed transaction context you really need to measure performance and scalability requirements.

Firefight Less, Innovate More

When performance problems occur, AppDynamics provides real-time visibility into the specific business transaction causing the problem. Resolve the problem fast and free up time to focus on innovation (which is a lot more fun than firefighting).

Produce Better Code

Don't release code into production until it's been verified as ready for the big leagues. Our clients tells us that they're able to product better code, and faster, when all of the teams are aligning their efforts around AppDynamics.

“Our three teams – Dev, QA and the production team – all meet daily to talk about the issues raised by AppDynamics. It has really helped us align our efforts and ensure optimal application performance.”

Jacob Marcus, Senior Director of Engineering,

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