Serverless Computing

Minimize infrastructure. Maximize scalability . Get access to a highly scalable infrastructure environment to run your application code that is available to you on-demand without worrying about managing or operating infrastructure footprint.

Achieve full visibility into your serverless code

Deliver a flawless user experience that leverages highly scalable serverless functions. Gain full visibility from end-user to backends’ application performance using a single unified monitoring platform.

Ensure application performance in the cloud

Migrate with confidence using consistent, data-driven metrics on end-user experience and its impact on business outcomes. Adopt cloud-native services such as serverless and containers to modernize your application for the cloud. You can easily compare pre and post-migration application performance. AppDynamics automatically discovers resources, baselines performance, and visualizes component interactions including serverless based on real-time metrics to create visibility into the entire application ecosystem running across multi-cloud & hybrid environments.

Improve visibility into Serverless Functions

Ensure that your transition to the cloud has a positive impact on business objectives as well as user experience. AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform is the only application performance management solution that instruments every line of code out of the box. Drill down to language specific methods and  calls responsible for latency to help optimize code and troubleshoot bottlenecks regardless of your cloud environments, including serverless functions in AWS and Azure.

Simplify complex cloud environment observability

Monitor, manage and optimize complex applications running in hybrid cloud environments with a unified platform interface. Gain visibility into end-to-end transaction tracing across distributed hybrid architectures and detect anomalies tailored to your business. AppDynamics removes monitoring complexity and solves problems quickly with proactive performance monitoring that adds more clarity to infrastructure visibility.


“With AppDynamics, our mean time to detection went from hours to less than 10 minutes, which is a huge win for us.”  

Nemo Hajiyusuf, Software Engineering Manager, Alaska Airlines 

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