Unified Analytics

Performance, user, and business insights - all in one tool

Correlate application performance to business impact

  • Easily collect user, performance and business data in real-time without any code changes. Drive outcomes and gain deep end to end operational visibility through correlation of business, performance and log data

  • Leverage automatic collection of 100% of business transactions to get rapid time to value with less overhead without the need to build custom big data analytics platform

  • IT / Dev ops can now dig in real-time and engage with most valuable customers and amount of lost business metrics due to poor application performance

Understand your customers better with Browser and Mobile Analytics

  • Easily collect - browser, mobile, and custom user data in real-time without any code changes

  • Understand and compare user experience in aggregate by comparing crash functions group by application version and/or do release comparison to identify and monitor key user, performance and business metrics

  • Leverage OOTB analysis and visualization widgets (funnel, etc) to gain deep understanding of user engagement and conversion in aggregate. Combine conversion with performance to optimize user engagement and journey

Get comprehensive IT operational visibility with Log Analytics

  • Get insights into your machine data from multiple sources, visualize and analyze logs to get forensic insights, and setup metrics alerts to proactively manage user experience
  • Search for distributed logs with one click. Pinpoint errors, dig into root cause(s) and get complete visibility into your infrastructure issues that goes beyond code fixes

  • Industry’s first auto correlation of transactions and logs allows deep learnings and faster resolution into failed business transaction

Rapidly analyze and visualize large data sets with pre-built widgets and interactive custom dashboards

  • Leverage pre-built widgets or build your own chart with ability to analyze multiple fields in x and y axis. Quickly build interactive custom analytics dashboards to get insights, monitor trends and influence business outcomes
  • Reporting capabilities make it fast and easy to share insights with team members and senior management. Easily enforce privacy and access control through role based access control features available with each module

Know more with Unified Analytics Platform

  • AppDynamics Unified Analytics, automatically collects and correlates data with business context from multiple data sets including transactions, logs, mobile, browser and custom data without having to worry about application code changes  

  • Autocorrelation, machine learning, search capabilities, advanced widgets and visualization dashboards allow deep performance insights, deep insights into business outcomes and lastly deep user insights

“It’s a tool that offers seamless traceability and a view that bridge both the APM and the Business product usage effectively.”

Heather Abbott, Senior Vice President of Corporate Solutions Technology, Nasdaq

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