Unified Troubleshooting

Minimize business impact with rapid problem resolution

Get to application issues before they get to your users with Unified Troubleshooting. Our low-overhead solution lets you see what’s going on down to the line of code, and enables powerful DevOps collaboration to quickly identify root cause and resolve issues before users and the business are impacted.

Business Intelligent Alerting

Be sure that all alerts are business-relevant.

  • Machine learning to proactively understand business normal and abnormal application behavior to ensure you meet service level agreements

  • Preconfigured, easy-to-create health rules promote rapid response to emerging software issues

  • Smart alerting ensures that alerts are in business context and that support professionals have the information they need to minimize business impact

Deep Diagnostic Data

Diagnose and resolve emerging issues before they impact customer experience.

  • Monitor every transaction but intelligently capture deep diagnostics of only business-abnormal transactions

  • Three clicks to identify root cause of emerging application issues means fast mean time to resolution

  • Drill down from the application call stack into log files to find error messages without a separate log file product and without composing complex queries  

Collaborative Incident Management

Ensure that business, development, and operations teams collaborate seamlessly when it matters.

  • Eliminate finger-pointing with unified troubleshooting of end-user experience, application code, and supporting infrastructure including databases

  • Virtual War Rooms allow third parties, business, development, and operations teams to collaborate in real time

  • Correlate technical and business outcome metrics to ensure that severity is fully understood and resolution actions are based on customer needs

Proactive Diagnostics And Remediation

Diagnose and resolve emerging software issues before they impact your customers.

  • Utilize run-book automation for immediate response to performance or availability degradation

  • Integrated cloud autoscaling to ensure that your applications don’t suffer capacity issues even during peak periods

  • Support for a wide variety of cloud environments including Amazon Web ServicesOpenShift, and Microsoft Azure

Troubleshoot Release And Change Issues Quickly

Have visibility of every software release and configuration change to make sure that users are not adversely impacted.

  • Detect and be alerted on all application configuration changes in production

  • Compare application releases easily to ensure they are supporting intended business outcomes

  • Understand if business transaction performance issues are your problem or have been caused by third-party configuration changes

Comprehensive Integration

Easily integrate with other enterprise management solutions for full visibility and optimization of your digital services.

  • Integrate with service desk solutions including ServiceNow and PagerDuty

  • Access the AppDynamics Exchange, which is frequently updated with ready connectors into supporting enterprise solutions

  • Use the AppDynamics REST API to integrate with solutions in your environment

“It’s a tool that offers seamless traceability and a view that bridge both the APM and the Business product usage effectively.”

Heather Abbott, Senior Vice President of Corporate Solutions Technology, Nasdaq

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